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I have been passionate about sports for as long as I can remember, participating in everything from team sports – such as soccer, hockey and volleyball – to individual sports – such as dance and track & field – to recreational sports – such as surfing and other water sports.


Senior Volleyball
Participating in these activities, especially team sports, has contributed to my professional capabilities. As captain of both my volleyball and soccer team for many years, I have developed strong leadership skills by motivating team members. The competitive nature of sports has also pushed me to strive for more in all that I do.


Senior Soccer


My love for sport carried over to the community, as I helped coach a youth soccer team for many years and took part in a referee clinic so I could help officiate games during the busy soccer season in Port McNeill. This dedication to the sport was a huge contributor to receiving the BC Soccer / Alexander Holburn Scholarship (more about that here).



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NICEMy passion for travel is what led me to take part in the exchange program through UVic. I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the 5 students at SKEMA – Sophia Antipolis, located on the beautiful French Riviera.

Outside of classes, I spent my four months travelling to every corner of Europe and ended up visiting a total of 16 countries.

The opportunity to live in France and travel Europe was an immeasurable experience that broadened my ability to view things from a global standpoint: something that is very important in todays internationally-integrated business world.

Below are a few of my favourite shots that I was able to capture during my exchange term:



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Growing up in a small town of 2500 …no mall, no movie theatre… meant that we had to make our own fun. This became a huge contributor to my passion for the outdoors, as hiking, fishing, camping have become an integral part of my life, and remain that way up to this day.