About Me

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My name is Taylor Lingl and I am a Bachelor of Commerce graduate with a keen interest  in strategic consulting and law. Through my education at the University of Victoria’s Gustavson School of Business, I have studied core areas of business but also gained hands on learning experiences through the co-operative education and exchange programs.

In addition to school, my professional experience, including two co-op work terms, has supplemented my education and helped develop a growing set of skills and competencies.

Outside of school, I am highly involved in the community through volunteer work, participation in various clubs & organizations and pursuing my passions.

Black Press Scholar editI consistently try to better myself through professional development, which has been greatly supplemented by participating in COM 405: Career Preparation Across Borders. This course has pushed me to explore different areas of  business and further develop my skills as a professional.

My studies and hard work have proven to pay off through many awards and scholarships, which have lifted the financial burden of attending post-secondary and allowed me to focus on getting the most out of my studies.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website and look forward to connecting with you!

**To learn a bit more about me (and my first year at UVic) see the below video that I created as a supplement for my application to Gustavson**